A year in the wilderness 1

Today two people, husband and wife duo Dave and Amy Freeman, are headed out to spend one year in the Wilderness.

It’s a little tough not to be a little jealous… and really impressed.

Amy and Dave Freeman (Photo by Bryan Hansel)

Amy and Dave Freeman (Photo by Bryan Hansel)

The Freemans say they’re doing this to raise awareness for the Boundary Waters and threats against it by sulfide-ore copper¬†mining. They’ll be resupplied every two weeks by teams of volunteers. They’ll travel by canoe in the summer and dog team in the winter. The two¬†embarked today, and they won’t come out of the woods until Sept. 22, 2016.

MNAdventure sent a request for an interview to the Freemans, but they didn’t respond. (It’s as if they had to prepare for a year-long trip, or something.)

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