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Kate Johnson

MN Adventure publisher/adventure wrangler.

bryce 2

Bryce Johnson

Eternal wind optimist. Is there a slight breeze? Somebody’s got to give it a try! Famous phrases include “It’s not that cold!” and “There’s enough wind to go.”

Mike Manger

Constantly channeling his inner Alaska, that is, hardcore-ness. His hot tent setup is legendary for comfort, warmth, salmon and alcohol.


Melissa Grover

Whitewater badass. Is that a super-scary rapid? Is there a portage to go around it? Who cares? Melissa’s not walking¬†any portage. She’s got a line and she’s taking it.

Aaron Saude

Legendary MN Adventure creator.

Seth Downs

He’s never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…

Cory Mooney. Photo by Nora Whitemore

Corey Mooney

Kayaker, mountain biker, kiter… all the sports.

Evan Parkhouse

Natalie Parkhouse

Brody Johnson

You can take Brody out of Minnesota, but you can’t take Minnesota out of Brody.

Angie Johnson

Improving the female adventure community, one bad ass move at a time.


MNAdventure’s canine correspondent. Loves the snow.