Major windstorm in the Brainerd area

MNAdventure team rider Bryce got a time lapse of the crazy storm that went through the area north of Brainerd with hurricane-force winds. He and Kate were at a cabin on North Long Lake when the storm came through with winds estimated around 80 mph- some other areas saw 100 mph winds.

Here’s the video:


Fortunately the gopro was attached to a chair that was bolted to the dock.

A couple people might have joked about kiting and windsurfing in the gale- probably better they didn’t. As it was, Bryce said, members of his party had to go out into the storm to bring in a windsurfing board that was threatening to take a one-way trip downwind.

The next morning dozens of trees and downed power lines criss-crossed the only road out of the neighborhood. He was able to leave later that day, but power wasn’t back for about five days. Other people got it much worse. Amazingly, no one was injured in the storm, which some said was later determined to be a derecho.

Here’s a couple pics of post-storm damage by Kate:

IMG_20150713_082348 IMG_20150713_081927

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