43-Mile Lake Superior Downwinder 3

Last Saturday, MNAdventure team rider Bryce Johnson did 43 miles by kite on Lake Superior, from Flood Bay (just north of Two Harbors) all the way to Park Point in Duluth. While it’s 30 or so miles as the crow flies from Two Harbors to Duluth, Bryce’s tacks made his distance traveled much […]

bryce jumping

Amy and Dave Freeman (Photo by Bryan Hansel)

A year in the wilderness

Today two people, husband and wife duo Dave and Amy Freeman, are headed out to spend one year in the Wilderness. It’s a little tough not to be a little jealous… and really impressed. The Freemans say they’re doing this to raise awareness for the Boundary Waters and threats against […]

Camping- without making a reservation

Are you like us? Do you hate making reservations for, well, pretty much anything, but most of all camping? Do you despise the fact that your summertime weekend camping trip has to be scheduled and booked by mid-January so you can even get a spot? Yeah, that’s lame, and Minnesota […]