Major windstorm in the Brainerd area

MNAdventure team rider Bryce got a time lapse of the crazy storm that went through the area north of Brainerd with hurricane-force winds. He and Kate were at a cabin on North Long Lake when the storm came through with winds estimated around 80 mph- some other areas saw 100 […]

Brainerd area storm

Best way to raft the Pine River

It turns out that air mattresses make perfect rafts. Ours got a hole, and we ended up getting a real mattress for the guest bedroom anyway, so we decided to make good use of the broken one by floating on it down the river. We had six people (four adults, […]

Waterproof books?

A new Kickstarter is hoping to make waterproof¬†copies of classic books. The company is called Bibliobath, but these would be great for taking on canoe trips, to the beach or to any of your summer activities, which in Minnesota are pretty much¬†guaranteed to involve a lake. Nearly every book ever […]

waterproof book