Monthly Archives: June 2015

Waterproof books?

A new Kickstarter is hoping to make waterproof copies of classic books. The company is called Bibliobath, but these would be great for taking on canoe trips, to the beach or to any of your summer activities, which in Minnesota are pretty much guaranteed to involve a lake. Nearly every book ever […]

Army worms: Are they back?

The last time army worms (technically forest tent caterpillars) took over northern Minnesota, the stories became legend. Tales of the ground moving, of naked trees, of the smell, and on and on, are still told more than a decade later whenever the first one of the season is spotted. One story from […]

Cuyuna mtn. bike trails get $600k in funding

Woohoo! The trails at Cuyuna Country State Rec Area are poised to expand. The state just designated $600,000 to the trails. Way to go to the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew and local legislators for helping to make this happen! Cuyuna’s getting to be known as one of the best mountain biking […]