Ride Across MN will cross state by bicycle, fund MS research

Below is a press release for The Ride Across Minnesota (TRAM). It’s pretty great when you can combine getting out in MN with helping others! More than 700 cyclists will roll through Central Minnesota July 20-24, 2016, as part of the Bike MS: TRAM Ride (The Ride Across Minnesota). In its […]

Throwback Thursday: Lake of the Woods, winter 2012

In February, 2012, a few of the MNAdventure team took a trip out onto the lake powered only by kites. The three day trip is chronicled below, in an article from team rider Bryce Johnson’s site, Explore the Wind. It’s a little long, but we think it’s worth the read. […]

Gear review: Big Agnes’ doublewide sleeping bag

It’s a pretty great idea: forever end the need to zip two sleeping bags together. We bought one of Big Agnes’ doublewide sleeping bags for specifically that reason, and we want to tell you how it measures up. Basically, it’s awesome. But there are also a few down sides. First, […]