See you at the Winter Camping Symposium

It’s here again- one of the best outdoor events of the year! It’s the weekend of wool, woodstoves and weirdos- the Winter Camping Symposium starts tomorrow!


It looks like the WCS has another great lineup of events and, once again, a great cast of sponsors. The group coordinating this event obviously works hard at making it fun and informational- and they succeed.

We at MNAdventure want to talk about a few of the classes that look especially fun and informational, including our own class on winter kite trekking.

On Friday at 2 p.m., MNAdventure’s Bryce and Kate Johnson will present Snowkite Trekking  on the rec field. They’ll be talking about the kite trek they took a few years ago on Lake of the Woods, including information on kiting, gear, carrying that gear while kiting, and more. If you have an interest in kiting, or want to combine kiting with winter camping, this is the class for you.

Winter Hot Tenting 101, at 4 p.m. on Friday or 1:15 Saturday outside the Mitchell building, is a great class for anyone who wants to explore winter camping. Remember- you can stay in a cabin at the WCS; you don’t need a tent! The WCS is a chance to explore winter camping before investing in the gear, and if that’s what you’re into, Winter Hot Tenting 101 is a must.

The Tent Tour is always a favorite, and perhaps the most well-attended class of the entire weekend. It’s Saturday at 3:15 and starts outside McLeod (if you’re late, just look for the roaming herd of people). Walk the grounds of the YMCA camp and see everyone’s hot tents set up and in action. Tipis, SnowTrekkers, converted four-season tents and more all all there. Get ideas for your next or current tent and hear the creators talk about their winter outdoor abodes.

And aside from all the classes, the keynote speakers and subsequent evening celebrations are always a hit. The WCS brings in great people, great bands and great beer to enjoy by the campfire. Get together with people who share your love for the outdoors, and get pumped for the season!

Find all the info you need, including the full WCS schedule, here. See you there!

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